Monday, October 7, 2013

not a happy camper

I need to get this blogging absence stuff under control...or under a schedule. I like schedules...and belly rubs.
Okay...belly rubs, not so much. Hmmm...treats? Yeah! I do like treats. I'll admit, this is a happy camper picture...but because I'm annoying like that, I like to throw people off. Actually, I just realized that the 4 of you reading this (myself included...twice) don't care. You'd rather I just get to the point. But if I did that, this post would end up being two sentences long.

I'm really not a happy camper. I've fallen 3 times in the past 2 weeks...and the paramedics had to come twice. I think that they have a special service or whatever that just helps people get off the floor. Maybe I should put that on speed dial. And it's an ingenious idea...because this has happened to me at least four times. That would be at least $200 of the government's hard earned money (since I have to pay at least $50 per ambulance call)! But in today's society, would it really be hard earned? I don't do politics and government stuff, so I digress...

I was really going somewhere with this falling thing, but, if you haven't learned by now, you have to be patient with me -- I will eventually meander back to the topic at hand. Since falling (or, as I like to call it: 'body checking the pavement') has become a more frequent occurrence these days, we (my family & I) have agreed that it would be a good idea to use my walker full time. That's like one of the last pieces of my independence! I always say 'at least I can still walk'. How long until that's not true anymore? And after that lovely day, the challenges still continue! I'm sorry to be such a whiny baby...well, maybe I'm not. We all face challenges and limitations. I'm not saying mine are worse than other people's...I'm not wishing for a different set of circumstances (although, if God were to decide to heal me, that'd be cool)...or even a different life; all I'm saying is that this bites! It reminds me that no one really has any idea what the hell I actually HAVE...and so therefore it could be could be could be treated completely differently than it is right now...who knows? Yes, I know God does...but it's going to be a few days until that brings me any comfort.