Saturday, March 9, 2013

Being present

One of my biggest problems is living in the past...or future. I'm hardly (if ever) in the present. I don't enjoy being with the ladies (and some gents) from church because my mind is swimming in the waters of what used to be. I'm not making new friends here because I'm waiting to go back. I can't get it right, which only causes me MORE pain. So, how do I soak in what's happening TODAY?

I have tried so many different things to do that and nothing has brought me any real success. I think we all do future planning to some extent, but there's a fine line between planning and obsession and I always get caught on the wrong side.

One of the "planning" exercises I find myself doing is deciding the next thing I'm going to say in a conversation when the other person is talking. I've heard a number of people say they do it too, so I know I'm not alone. Being in the majority is fine and dandy, but the problem comes in that we are not really listening to people; thereby sending the message that they don't deserve a basic human decency: the right to be heard.

I have to make a very conscious effort to tell myself not to do that. I guess that's an effective way to stop doing a lot of things. The hard part comes in training myself to tell myself no. I bet this is how "taking every thought captive to Jesus" starts. Seems like a daunting process.

Thought for the day (or week or until I blog again): Are we incapable of being alive and content in the present moment?

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