Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tough Times

If you can’t make it through hard times, you’ll never make it to the end of what God has for you.

If you’re in some of the hardest times of your life, one step on the other side of that, there's a promotion and a breakthrough for you.

Be satisfied to know the One who knows, even if you don't know.

I'm not gonna lie. These last few months have been some of the hardest in my life. I've fallen, gotten in fights, had pain (both physical and emotional), and cried harder than I have in a looooonnnng time. I posted some quotes by Joyce Meyers to remind myself that this will not last forever and God has a purpose in this suffering.

Not that I've been a "good sufferer" or even a silent one. I think I've told everyone who will listen (some numerous times) about the pain in my foot (I have a non-healing wound on my right ankle). It really hurts! But if I believe, and I say I do, that God has a purpose in this; I'm sure not acting like it!

A devoted physician, to save the lives of the sick, sees the horrible danger, yet touches the infected place, and in treating another man's troubles brings suffering on himself.
But we were not merely sick, or afflicted with horrible wounds and ulcers already festering. We were actually lying among the dead when Christ saved us from the very abyss of death.
Alone he took hold of our most painful perishing nature. Alone he endured our sorrows. Alone he took upon himself the retribution for our sins.
When we were lying in tombs and graves, he raised us up, saving us and giving us his Father's blessings without measure.
He is the Lifegiver, the Lightbringer, our great Physician and King and Lord,
the Christ of God.

--Once-A-Day Walk with Jesus Devotional

Do I trust God to bring me through this? I don't know...

Today, whether your circumstances put you in bright sunshine or dark shadow, consider the trustworthiness of your God and offer him your worship in prayer.

Lord God, all of your promises prove true...
--NIV Once-A-Day Devotional for Women

Maybe I just need to try again...that's the great thing about God. Infinite "do-over"s