Saturday, November 19, 2011

So, as you (like anyone is actually reading this thing) may have noticed, I combined my two blogs since the road through physical therapy is just about over. But I've learned that "recovery" is a life-long process. There are ups and downs and starts and re-starts; and that makes life what it is.

Geez, when did I start waxing philosophical (whatever that means -- I just wanted to use the Anyway, here's the 411:

Physical therapy is getting harder -- my legs hurt and are unsteady...gah! I'm taking a break until I see the neurologist (Dec 14th)

I had to go into the hospital -- which put another damper on therapy. Fortunately, there was no clot in my hepatic vein (which is why I was admitted in the first place)

okay, maybe it was the 211 :)

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