Friday, November 5, 2010

So, I did end up getting a Bible study a few weeks's actually been months at this point. Time has a ways of doing that...getting away from me.

It wasn't the one I was interested in initially, but I'll get to that one after I finish this one. It's called SOLO: an uncommon devotional. It's really cool...has a short passage for each day with questions, prayers, and an 'introduction to the lectio divina style of study' (I got that from the back of the book--didn't come up with it myself) in the Message translation of the Bible.

I wasn’t too gung ho on the Message translation before I read it. I always thought that it was not a REAL translation like the NIV or King James (which, for the life of me, I can’t understand). But it is. Sometimes I really feel that it's lacking, which is when I turn to another version.

So far, the study has been going...well, going. I don't do it everyday and more problems (unresolved issues) seem to be coming out of it than anything else. I didn't think I loved God -- haven't really gotten there yet; I seem to have less trust in Him and I don't feel I can pray openly. This isn't supposed to be happening...I thought I was going to get closer.

But I guess the only way to get closer is to eliminate barriers...and boy, does that process suck at the seems all I can do right now is keep reading everyday. How is THAT going to help?

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